Hi I am Abdullah Al-Faqeir

A Full-Stack Developer.


A small introduction about my self

Abdullah Al-Faqeir

Abdullah Al-Faqeir

A Full-Stack Developer

A Computer Science student at Applied Science University, A developer since 2010, been developing all kind of apps, yet specialized in web-apps, building them with the latest technologies of PHP alongside using great CMS like Drupal and strong, fast, secure frameworks like Laravel, Doophp and others, been coding since I was a kid, worked on many projects, used a lot of technologies and been able to achieve a lot.

Build a lot of apps, web-apps, mobile-apps ad desktop-apps, used a lot of technologies like NodeJS, AngularJS, Drupal, Wordpress, Titanium(Appcelerator), Doophp, Joomla, Android Studio(Java), Xcode(Obj-C&Swift), and many other technologies, a rapid learner, a code addict, welling to do anything to overcome any challenges or obstacles that cross's my way, able to work under huge pressure - I mean it, because I've done it -, very respectful, a social person.

Alongside coding, I've been studying Oriental-Singing since 2011, I've sang in many concerts and welling to get a double major in music after finishing my current major (Computer Science).

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Doing php for almost 8 years.


Building NodeJS apps as well as using it for front-end matters.


Able to deliver any layout


Building and Updating all kind of native iOS apps.


Building Cross-Platform apps for both iOS/Android.


Building and Updated native Android apps as well as building desktop-apps, and sometimes to build custom functionality for Raspberry Pi


Using it to develop web-services for Raspberry Pi as well as developing hardware functionality for Raspberry Pi as well.

Arduino/Raspberry Pi

Building custom hardware using both of the most comment and hardware platforms while using Micro-C and Python


Building literally whatever you ask for using the strong CMS Drupal

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Team Leader

Leading the development team in a project to solve and aggregate old support tickets which were above 100 tickets along side productizing some of the issues.




CTO & Co-Founder

A CTO -Chief Technology Officer - and Co-Founder at Waqqad, building the next big learning platform for the all Arabic speakers around the globe, giving them the ease of learning whatever they wish to learn in a very simple yet powerful way.



Accusolutions Ltd

Full-Stack Software Technologist

Came back to Accusolutions as a Full-Stack software technologist developing all kind of web-apps with PHP and NodeJS, (native and cross-platform) mobile apps using Xcode, Android Studio and Titanium(Appcelerator).



Prodigi Corp

Senior Web Developer

Senior Web-Developer, mainly on Websites and Facebook apps, and built a custom vending machine based on Foursquare as a project for Hamleys, and built a live streaming wall for twitter with a real time statistics and real time polling system based on twitter tweets and hashtags.

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  • Adan St, Jabal Al-Nasser, Marka, Amman
  • [email protected]
  • +962 78 8807755
  • +962 79 8829099